Collection of Electrical, Electronics and Informatics Equipments

The DEIM (Department of Energy, Information Engineering and Mathematical Models) Museum Collection of the University of Palermo has its origin in the former Institutes  of Electrotechnics and Technical Physics  of the Royal School of Application for Engineers, located in via Maqueda in the former Convent of Martorana, where the first courses of Technical Physics were held and, later, those of Electrotechnics, Electrical Measurements and Electrical Systems.

The Collection,  preserved at the DEIM,  includes a large amount of electrical, electronic, computer and technical physics devices of considerable historical and scientific interest, used for education teaching and research, since  the last twenty years of 19th Century.

It includes, a Kohlrausche Voltmeter and an Amperemeter from 1887, a Deprez Galvanometer from 1888, a Ganz Mantle Industrial Transformer from 1899, some samples of inductors and resistors from the early 20th century, a mercury vapour hexophase rectifier from 1930, a Tektronix valve Cathode-ray tube Oscilloscope from 1959, an electrolytic tank made at the Palermo’s shipyard in 1964.


The collection is currently undergoing reorganization.


Department of Energy, Information Engineering and Mathematical Models

Collection of Electrical, Electronics and Informatics Equipments

Responsible: Prof. Liliana Mineo

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