Collection of Agricultural Entomology

The Collection of Agricultural Entomology  contains several collections both of educational nature (the General Collection of the Institute and the Beekeeping Museum) and  of strictly scientific purposes (the collections made up of  different professors of the Institute, specialized in single taxonomic groups). Belonging to the former Institute of Agricultural Entomology, established in 1960, it is now part of the Department of Agricultural and Forestry Science. It is located in an entire building, used during seventies as guardian’s house and detached from the main body of the former Institute.



General Collection

It consists of about 700 entomological boxes with various material mainly from Sicily, collected during research  campaigns or directly by thesis students. This collection also includes some educational boxes and some wooden structures historically and artistically relevant, attacked by termites.



Collezioni specialistiche

Professors and researchers of the Institute have investigated in particular Systematics and Biology of specific  groups of mites or insects, of agricultural interest. For this reason, they have collected during their activity, arthropodes belonging to these groups, personally picked up or received from other institutions. In this way, over the years, relevant considerable specialist collections have been  created, mostly used as support for the identification of materials coming from more recent researches. These collections  have an almost exclusively scientific importance.


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Educational panels on the main orders of insects.

Scale model of the Beagle on which Charles Darwin travelled.

Micromanipulator Fonbrune once used to interact with samples visible under the microscope.

Collection of Agricultural Entomology

Responsible Prof. Bruno Massa

Viale delle Scienze, Edificio 4 - Palermo

Open by appointment. For reservations: collezione.entomologia@unipa.it

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