Info and booking The Museum of Radiology is a museum structure. Therefore it has to be visited with the due sensibility. Access is allowed for cultural, didactic and educational purposes. Visitors must follow the rules below: 1. don't touch the exibits; 2. don't lean against showcases; 3. have care not to dirty by using the appropriate waste containers; 4. for school groups: guides and accompanying persons must ensure that the visit take place tidily and that the students are always under direct supervision; 5. it is not allowed the access to animals, even if on a leash. Direction declines any responsability, towards visitors, in case of demages to the people or the goods caused by the violation of the above-mentioned rules and for any other causes. Timetable: The Museum is open from Monday to Friday. From 9.00a.m. to 1.00p.m. On Saturady and Sunday the Museum can be visited only during special events. Free admission. Booking via telephone required. Phone: 091.6552335 - 091.6552336 Where we are:

Museum of Radiology

General hospital "Paolo Giaccone", Di. Bi. Med. - Piazza delle Cliniche, 2

90127 PALERMO, Italy


091.6552335 - 091.6552336